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I’ve yet to meet the person who didn’t wish they could go to Japan. But the truth is for many it seems so far away and so foreign that they believe it’s out of reach.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As someone who lived there over 4 years, who went without knowing one word of Japanese, I’m here to tell you it delivers far more than your wildest imagination!

A classic Japan trip is Tokyo- Kyoto- Osaka. All you need is 10 days to experience complete amazement.



I never get tired of going to England. It’s generally a nonstop flight to London, and there’s always something new to experience. You can chase Paul Theroux, Harry Potter, Jane Austin, Kings and Queens, Downton Abby, Doctor Who, it just doesn’t end.

An extra long weekend is all you really need for London, but a week is better if you want to leave town.



Let’s just face it: you should plan on multiple trips to Italy because you’re going to fall in love with its many charms. The classic is Venice-Florence-Rome in a week, but that leaves out the stunning lake district, the dramatic Dolomites, and the playground that is the Amalfi Coast.

The good news is you can’t make a mistake in going anywhere in Italy. It’s all incredible.


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