November 16, 2023

Introducing Windstar Cruises

I don’t often think of myself as “a cruiser”, but maybe I’m kidding myself.  I can think of very few reasons I would turn down the opportunity to enjoy a Windstar cruise.  In fact, I have several of their itineraries on my shortlist.

What draws me to Windstar is first the small size of the ships.  My favorites are the three sailing ships, with the largest, The Wind Surf, carrying only 342 guests at capacity.

I also enjoy the “Country Club Casual” vibe on board.  I like that I can enjoy some finer things, like amazing James Beard food, and nice wine and cocktails, without feeling like I must be dressed to the nines or keeping track of my 32 oz bottomless plastic refillable cocktail cup.

I like that every evening before setting sail, the captain unfurls the sails with great fanfare, and I get to pretend that Jack Sparrow is just over the horizon. I also enjoy the open bridge, and being able to have an after-dinner chat with the officers on duty as we gaze out to sea over the instruments and maps.  I love their endless patience as they answer what are likely the same questions over and over and over as if it were the most insightful question they’ve heard – ever!

If you have a favorite coastline, I will bet Windstar has a ship nearby at some point.  Their fleet of six ships; 3 sailing and 3 motor yachts, travel the globe seasonally.  

If you are not a cruiser, like I am not a cruiser, you should definitely look into adding a Windstar cruise to your short list of next travel experiences.

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